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What do clients say?

"I had the pleasure of having Mr. Polyak as my attorney. I was well informed about everything and I am very pleased with the treatment he has shown me throughout my difficult time. He worked with me and for me throughout my case. I can honestly say I would recommend him to anyone."

"She cares for her clients, also makes herself available to you whenever needed. She didn't bs me like the other lawyers did. She was honest about everything, every step of the way." Thank you so much for everything ANDREA!"

"James keep saying be patient. We went to court for over a year. But at trial the verdict was NOT guilty!!!! It was worth the wait."

"We contacted lawyer Mertz for a violation of probation on a DUI case, and even though odds were not very good, she was able to get an awesome outcome in court. She knows the law and stays up to date on new changes to it, something that came in handy when she presented the case."

 "I highly recommend Attorney Polyak if you are ever in a situation with one or multiple DUI's. He was a pleasure to work with even under these circumstances."

"I was referred to Andrea Mertz through word of mouth. After consulting with her I felt comfortable with her knowledge of the law and experience and hired her to represent me. She was professional, reliable and easy to communicate with. She was able to get my charges dismissed and did so with ease during my court hearing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an honest and caring attorney."

"I can't put into words the respect I have gained for Mr. Polyak within the last 2 weeks. A family friend amongst others I have spoken too highly recommended Mr. Polyak after put myself in a situation with mandatory jail time. Already being a habitual offender I knew I had to hire a top attorney and I made the right choice, Mr. Polyak kept me informed with every interaction he made with the A.D.A and other court officials..he went above and beyond at the last moment cleaning up any confusion from my last attorney! I now consider Jim a friend and I will be sure to recommend him to all friends and strangers alike."

"Earlier this year, Andrea represented my brother in connection with multiple cases involving drug-related charges. Her representation was excellent throughout. She not only helped my brother get the best possible resolution of his cases under the circumstances, she also helped me navigate getting him into rehab so that he could begin to turn his life around. I would highly recommend hiring her if you or a loved one is facing criminal charges."​

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