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Skilled legal defense in Criminal Court

POLYAK LAW OFFICE defends clients against state and federal criminal charges including the following:  

  • DUI: Reading, PA DUI Defense Lawyers James M. Polyak and Andrea E. Mertz understand the serious consequences of a DUI conviction. Last year POLYAK LAW OFFICE represented more than 100 clients charged with DUI - Many of whom had their DUI case dismissed.

  • Drug crimes: In spite of recent changes to Pennsylvania law designed to provide more judicial discretion when deciding penalties, defendants still face serious consequences if convicted — including fines, imprisonment and a criminal record. Attorneys James M. Polyak and Andrea E. Mertz provide skilled representation for those charged with drug crimes in Reading, PA and throughout Berks County. 

  • Traffic violations: The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code contains more than 90 chapters and drivers can violate the law in countless ways. Serious violations result in license suspension as a consequence. Skilled representation by Vehicle Code violation lawyers James M. Polyak and Andrea E. Mertz help drivers protect their records by reducing or eliminating traffic violation points that can quickly lead to the loss of driving privileges.

  • Parole and probation: As a probation and parole violation defense attorney, Andrea E. Mertz explores all avenues for helping clients seek probation in lieu of imprisonment. She intervenes when misunderstandings or minor indiscretions threaten the freedom of individuals serving probation or parole.

  • Weapon Charges: Pennsylvania is known throughout the country for its tough laws regulating the purchase and use of firearms. At POLYAK LAW OFFICE, we provide effective defense and representation for clients accused of weapons violations and other crimes.


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