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Polyak Law Office is a Reading, PA criminal defense law firm with more than 25 years of criminal courtroom experience. We don't dabble in criminal defense like many other lawyers. We make it our lifes' work. Berks County criminal defense lawyers James M. Polyak and Andrea E. Mertz have handled thousands of cases and work tirelessly to get you the best possible results. We're in the courtroom, everyday, defending our clients' rights and protecting their freedom.

Skilled Legal Defense in Court

Berks County Criminal lawyers James M. Polyak and Andrea E. Mertz have developed highly effective strategies for criminal defense that have helped them achieve success for their clients. They focus on hands-on investigation and in-depth research, giving them an advantage over the prosecution and other attorneys. Because of their proficiency,  James M. Polyak and Andrea E. Mertz have earned respect from their clients and a reputation for success in the courtroom. Respect that only comes from winning the toughest cases.

We Help Clients Avoid Jail

POLYAK LAW OFFICE has helped thousands of clients avoid jail in the last 25 years. For more than two decades, we have spent nearly every day fighting to keep our clients free. Let us investigate your case and plan your defense to avoid JAIL!


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Save Your Driver's License

Many criminal convictions and Vehicle Code violations carry with them lengthy driver's license suspensions. Polyak Law Office has a proven track record of eliminating or reducing your driver's license suspension. We often challenge license suspensions "outside" of criminal court and negotiate with PennDOT lawyers directly.

Smart and Aggressive DUI Defense

Berks County DUI Defense Lawyers James M. Polyak and Andrea E. Mertz understand the serious consequences of a Pennsylvania DUI conviction. Last year POLYAK LAW OFFICE represented more than 100 DUI clients - many of whom had their DUI case dismissed. We investigate and can challenge every aspect of a DUI case. Did the police have sufficient legal grounds to pull you over? Were the field sobriety tests administered correctly? Was your breath or blood sample tested properly?



POLYAK LAW OFFICE - 645 Penn Street - Reading, PA 19601

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